100+ years

Why maintain medical files, when you can store them digitally ?

Why wait when you can book appointments from anywhere ?

Why crash diet when you can eat right & be fit ?

Why wander when you can get healthcare needs at one place ?

How It Works

It’s simple, user friendly and a step ahead towards next level healthcare & wellness experience enabling you to take care of yourself and dear ones

Search. Call. Book.

Find Doctors, Lab, Pharmacy. Choose among their experience, fees, nearby location and visiting hours.

Get e-RX

Save paper. Get e-prescription on your mobile from Healthcoco verified doctors. Store it forever.

Obtain Lab Reports

Save time. Take the test at any lab and get your reports handy on your mobile. Consult your doctor about within no time on Healthcoco.


So that you never miss to take your medicines on time and keep your water intake up to date.

Lab Pharmacy Doctor

Integrate with Pharmacy

Time. Money. Efforts. Saved. Lets you Broadcast your prescription/order supplies from nearby pharmacies and get everything at one place with discounts!


Upload prescription or Enter your medical supplies and broadcast them.

At One Place

Get notified for all available supplies from nearby pharmacies.


Get few % off on your order and lessen your medical bills.

Pick up

Choose most suitable pharmacy and pick up your drugs as and when required

Hassle free storage

All your reports and records are stored as medical history, So you don't lose or misplace them. Securely store it on cloud & retrieve them whenever you need.

Get the Healthcoco App

Download the Healthcoco App and get one step closer to a healthier life. Use Healthcoco for iPhone and Android to save your time and efforts. To keep track of your well being. To bring healthcare at your hands.