Covid-19 Vaccine Myths vs Facts

The overload of content in this digital age has been a blessing, but it has also given a way for unreliable rumors regarding covid-19 and vaccination. These rumors and myths are causing unnecessary delays and skepticism. In these circumstances, it is important to understand the truth. The purpose of this blog is to debunk those myths using a scientific approach.

Myth: Covid-19 vaccine isn’t safe because it was made in a haste.

Fact: The Covid-19 vaccines were developed fast but it has been introduced after regulatory bodies have approved them. The safety and efficacy of the vaccine have been extensively studied and it confirms that the vaccine has been generally well-tolerated. Please check the link below to know more about precautions (do and don’ts) of vaccination:(

Myth: I might get Covid-19 from the vaccines.

Fact: No. The vaccine contains only killed or weakened forms of germs, they do not cause the disease or put a person at risk of its complications.Here we must understand that although a person can get infected even after getting their first dose. This happens because the coronavirus vaccine requires to be taken in 2 shots. The first shot generates immunity in the body and the second strengthens it. Therefore, it is very essential to follow all guidelines even after taking the dose.

Myth: I don’t have to wear a mask or follow social distancing after getting vaccinated.

Fact: Although vaccines are incredibly effective they cannot be 100% effective. Therefore, until and unless everyone around us is vaccinated, we will be at risk of Covid-19. Hence, it is very important to follow social distancing and wear a mask till we all get on the same page.

Myth: I don’t have to get vaccinated as I have already had coronavirus.

Fact: Not everyone will develop immunity after Covid-19. This means there is a chance to get reinfected. So it is very important to get vaccinated even if you have fought with Covid-19 earlier.

Myth: The vaccine impacts the fertility system.

Fact: There is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines. Hence the rumors are based on misinformation.

Know the difference between a Myth and a fact. Stay informed, and do not spread the rumors. We hope the information makes you more aware of the vaccine. Download the healthcoco App or Visit the website: for more information and updates.

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