How to Protect Eyes from Strain !

Adverse effects of looking at 
The effects of looking at a screen for a long time depends on a variety of
factors. They are HEV lights which affect the eyes and causes fatigue by
damaging the eye after continuous exposure for a longer period of time.

The effects they cause:
1. HEV has to potential to destroy living tissue which can later cause
vision loss after intense exposure.
2. The eyes can turn myopic or hypermetropic depending on the age of
the individual.
3. Eye strain comes into play as people forget to blink more when they
look at screens causing continuous exposure. 

Home Remedies
There are certain precautions to manage this problem.
1. Maintain a comfortable distance from the screen and it will cause less strain.
2. Take a break every 20 minutes to avoid continuous contact. It also relieves muscle strain.
3. Get an eye exam and wear eye-wear specially made for digital device usage.
4. Make sure that eyeglass lenses have an anti-reflective coating to comfort the viewing.
5. Better to look at the greenery around and go outside to play.These together are the best in-hand solutions to avoid the eye problems due to watching a screen.


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