10 Reasons To Meditate Daily

Meditation, One of the many parts of yoga gives you the bliss you have always wanted. It is proven that meditation or mindfulness has many advantages and it keeps a man sane. Though it has religious origins, spiritual cast, it has been scientifically backed and nowadays recommended by many HR managers in companies to gain concentration and reduce stress. These are following advantages of Meditation which will surely make you meditate every day. Yes! It is recommended every day!

1. Better healing

When you meditate regularly, your focus is on the positive aspects of life which make your body heals faster. It is also known to lessen asthma and inflammatory disorders.

2. Sound sleep

Mindfulness keeps your inner self at peace and gives you sleep you have always longed for. It keeps your mind running at a higher rate which makes your brain rest for ample amount of time.

3. Reduce anxiety

Many scientific studies have proven that mindfulness lessens stress, anxiety and impulsivity. It also lessens the fear and depression. In almost all the cases it helps prevent smoking as well

4. Boosts immune system

Meditation helps in lessening heart problems, blood pressure and brain problems. It gives you more longevity. It improves breathing and heart rate as well.

5. Improves overall performance

Your overall performance in all aspects of your life improves when you start meditating. It enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance. It increases awareness, optimism about life. Give you better cognitive skills and decision making.

6. Improves sex life

As discussed earlier, meditation gives you sound sleep means more energy for intercourse and reduction in stress helps in reducing the problem of erectile dysfunction. Your brain starts producing more levels of dopamine and serotonin which are bliss chemicals and increases your sexual appetite.

7. Focus increases

Most of us have our left brain over-developed. But the right brain is in-charge of awareness and creativity. The longer we meditate the more brain cohesion and neuroplasticity we create which balances left and right parts of the brain. And the result is better computing power of brain and your focus gets increased.

8. Reduces panic in stressful conditions

What a human being needs in stressful conditions is not panic but a calm mind which is able to decode things. Meditating everyday helps in better information processing and ignoring distractions so that you a clearly think on the problems instead of panicking and making you as well as people near you uncomfortable.

9. Overall development in kids

Once mindfulness is taught to kids, it is highly likely that they practice it for over a long period in their life. Meditation increases optimism and increases confidence in kids which leads to overall development. Kids who practice meditation have reduced hostility and conflicts with peers and improve social skills and make them more human.

10. Enlightenment

People who meditate regularly have more grey matter throughout their brain. It helps preserve ageing of the brain. All of that helps in maintaining your emotional intelligence high. It gives you values; make you a calm minded person. It’s like multi vitamins for brain; you must do it every day to attain the enlightenment.

Meditation provides not only short term performance improvements but also long term improvements. It helps in gaining mental strength and resilience. So #MeditateLikeBuddha and laugh like laughing Buddha.

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