Gardening Exercise Benefits

Green. Plants. Soil. Flowers. Digging. Leaves. Pots. Seed. Roots. Garden. Watering. Pipe. Tools. Rain. Morning. Walk. Care. Jogging. Play. Wet. Grass. Do these words paint a picture for you? Something about a garden and a workout? It's actually about Gardening Exercise Day.

Yes, it exists and is pretty cool too! Founded by some passionate gardening clubs in the West, it's meant for you to invest some time in the garden, and in the process, reap happiness for yourself. Gardening can really be fun. How? You may ask.

  • Go to a nearby nursery, get some new saplings that you like and plant them. Nurture them and learn about them. It won't take long to know that every plant is unique like you are!
  • While you do this, connect with the earth. Getting your hands dirty is often for the good, i.e, to get exposure to the good bacteria. Infact, studies say that this elevates mood and decreases anxiety.
  • All of us want to skip exercise and still stay fit. What if gardening lets you achieve your health goals that too without having to diet? Indeed it can. Tilling, digging, carrying potted plants, walking and bending will strengthen your body muscles and lifting, pulling weeds out will make your grip firm.
  • It's quite an easy way to burn those extra calories and get toned. 400-600 calories per hour are burned by some heavy yard work like landscaping, moving rocks and hauling dirt. In case you are not a health freak, let us inform you, that's a lot of calories lost in a go!
  • Mowing the lawn (250-350 calories per hour), trimming your plants and watering them, raking leaves (350-450 calories per hour) and other such continuous activities act like a cardio which helps keep your blood pressure normal and thus the heart remains healthy.
  • Also, what can be healthier than growing your own food in your own yard. Its tasty + pocket friendly! And who doesn't like to see beautiful flowers. It gives a sense of relaxation, aesthetics, and the greenery evokes calmness.

    So, this Gardening Exercise Day, make your flowerbed, your workout zone! Get up and get fit. Let your garden bloom like you will.

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