How a sip of soda can affect your health

The soft drinks or carbonated beverage are potent carcinogens as found in different research. The soda market may be highly economic but are one of the causes of the massive issues of diseases in our body and though they can be sugar-free but are still enough potential to create diseases.

The diseases caused by soda intake:

1. Asthma - Sodium benzoate, present in the soda is used as a preservative in foods. The increased sodium concentration destabilizes the sodium-potassium balance causing diseases like asthma and eczema.

2. Sugar Overload - The sugar present in this drink causes insulin burst as the excess sugar in blood need to be nullified. The brain receptors are blocked preventing drowsiness and works like the drug Heroin.

3. Obesity - The researchers found out that for each additional soda consumed the risk of obesity increases 1.6 times.

4. Dissolves Tooth Enamel - The sugar and acid in the drink can dissolve tooth enamel.

5. Diabetes and Heart Diseases - The drinks are found to contain corn syrup which has the potential to cause diabetes and heart disease and that sweetener is under medical scanner now.

6. Osteoporosis - The drinks contain phosphoric acid which is responsible for bone breakage at a great level.