The magic of healing in the Forest: Shinrin-Yoku

When was the last time you had stress free smiling face before you slept? When was the last time have you abstained yourself from the electronic screens of your life? When was the last time you had caught-up with yourself? The time is now.


The tonic for Wilderness of a healthy mind and body is the Japanese Concept of Forest Bathing, a.k.a
Shinrin-Yoku. The instructions are simple, Go to the forest and wonder. Engage all your senses, the
sight, the sound, the aromas, the touch in sync with the essentials of the forest. This practice has shown
many physical and psychological benefits in a person, which are scientifically proven.
It was in the early eighties when forest ministry in japan coined the term Shinrin-Yoku and promoted
forest bathing as nature therapy. This step was taken to encourage healthier lifestyles and cut
yourself out from a hectic life to lead a more happy and composed life.


Researchers have found immediate and dramatic effects from even 15 minutes of wandering in the
forest the Shinrin-Yoku way. There have been many scientific studies in the past decade that have
demonstrated the mechanisms behind the healing effect of being in wild and natural areas. For
example, many trees give off alchemic substances known as phytoncides, which when exposed
to humans improving the immune system and boost the growth of NK (nature Killer) cells that fight
cancer. The forest bathing magic also includes a reduction in blood pressure, reduction in stress
levels, increased concentration levels, increased energy levels, improved sleep, and an overall
increase in happiness level.


To begin with, a few guidelines can be followed to practice forest-bathing, wellness the Japanese style

1) Find a nature trail nearby, wander aimlessly, and go untethered.

2) Leave your cell phone, camera, and other electronic distractions behind; leave your goals behind also

3) Allow yourself to set free and pause at regular intervals to see if your mind and body gets pulled to any particular sight, smell or direction

4) Observe how the behavior of birds and other living being changed after they become
used to your presence

5) After you have completed your journey, notice any lasting effects and ask yourself whether benefits justify the efforts it takes to get outside. Provide yourself with some love. Let yourself loose, get outside and enjoy the nature the Shinrin-Yoku way. Discover yourself.


Let yourself loose, get outside and enjoy the nature the Shinrin-Yoku way. Discover yourself.