White Tea: Information and Benefits

The white tea is one which is characterized other than green tea and
lighter than traditional black tea. The mechanism how it is made
includes very young leaves which have been steamed before drying, the
leaves are picked before the buds have fully opened. These cultivation
and production techniques are best for white tea.
Benefits of drinking

The benefits of drinking white tea are numerous:

1. The tea acts as an antioxidant and neutralizes the free radicals,
making them less harmful.

2. The antioxidant property also helps in anti-aging and reduces radicals.

3. It helps in improvement in oral health and presence of polyphenols,
flavonoids and inhibits the growth of bacteria reducing chances of
plaque formation.

4. This tea is a potential anticancer, chemo-preventive agent that helps
in apoptosis of cancer cells.

5. White tea provides relief to diabetic patients decreasing plasma
glucose levels.

6. The flavonoids present in white tea helps in decreasing blood pressure
which is helpful for people suffering from the cardiovascular disorder.

7. The antibacterial properties can protect the skin from bacteria and
germs. The products made with white tea, like soaps, help in this

Moreover, the properties of white tea make it a well-specialized drink
that is essential for health.