Privacy Policy

The Healthcoco Privacy Policy issued on April 01, 2016. Privacy of users and Healthcare providers is important to Healthcoco and with a view to protect the privacy we have developed a privacy policy which covers how the personal information is collected, processed, viewed, disclosed, transferred, stored, retained, used, accessed, shared and updated, Please go through the policy and make yourself familiar with our privacy practices.


Healthcoco Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Company”, “Our” or “Healthcoco”) is provider, author and publisher of website, mobile apps, software, services, products and other applications (hereinafter collectively to be referred to as “Site”) and provide the same to users, visitors, other users and healthcare providers (as defined in the Terms of Use, Jointly hereinafter referred to as “You”, “Your” or “user”) and has provided this privacy policy statement (the “Privacy Policy”). It is expedient to read the “Terms of Use” in conjunction with the privacy policy for understanding meaning of various terms used herein and also before accessing and or using the site, services, programmes and products of Healthcoco. The Policy is in consonance with the provisions of the applicable law in India.



Personal Information: Collection and Use

n the process of a use of the site, services, product and programmes Healthcoco is required to know about you so that we can meet your needs. When user accesses the site and services we may ask user to voluntarily provide certain information for identifying user or that can be used for personally identifying user (such information may be called personal information).

Personal information shall include but will not be limited to following types of information related to user and user supplied information related to other persons/users:

a) Communication data: Name, Email address, Phone number, mailing address with pin code, Contact preference;

b) Demographic data: Date of Birth, Gender;

c) Insurance data: Insurance plan, Insurance provider, Insurance related IDs;

d) Medical data: Visits to Healthcare providers, Medical History, Medical and health related information;

e) Other information: Other information identifying the user but not limited to Unique identifiers issued by government authorities, password and personal information provided in emails/letters, Links in the social sites, information collected from third parties and also from public domain, etc;

The “SPDI” Rules Defines Sensitive personal data or information as follows:

Sensitive personal data or information of a person means such personal information which consists of information relating to:—

(i) password;

(ii) financial information such as Bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details;

(iii) physical, physiological and mental health condition;

(iv) sexual orientation;

(v) medical records and history;

(vi) Biometric information;

(vii) any detail relating to the above clauses as provided to body corporate for providing service; and;

(viii) any of the information received under above clauses by body corporate for processing, stored or processed under lawful contract or otherwise:

Provided that, any information that is freely available or accessible in public domain or furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law for the time being in force shall not be regarded as sensitive personal data or information for the purposes of these rules.

Traffic Data: Includes, IP Address, Domain server, Type of device(s) used to access the Services, Web browser(s) and language used to access the Services, Referring webpage or other source through which user accessed the services and exit websites and applications, Geolocation information and time zone, Other Statistic and information associated with the interaction between user browser or device and the Services including search queries, Unique device identifier, Operating system, CPU Speed, Click patterns, date/time stamp, Email patterns, ID for advertising, Ad data and other data relating to device, device usage.

Other non personal information: This includes Information collected through Pixel tags, cookies, web beacons. If Healthcoco combine non-personal information with personal information the combined information is treated as personal information.

Privacy Policy Statements

1. For use of Healthcoco site and services the users may be required to provide details like name, mobile number, Email address etc., in case of healthcare provider additional information like name and address of clinic, registration number etc., may also be required. The users provide information voluntarily. The details collected may be identified as mandatory or otherwise based on the requirement of the services. The information collected includes sensitive personal data. User need to read and understand the privacy policy statement before submitting any information. In the absence of mandatory details Healthcoco will not be able provide services, products, programmes and response to user’s queries.

2. Access to the Healthcoco site and services is subject to acceptance of Terms of Use, other agreements and this privacy policy. If any user does not agree with any provision of the same, user shall not provide any information or data and discontinue the use of the site and services.

3. Access and or use of the Healthcoco site and services affirm user’s express consent for collection of personal information and sensitive personal data or information.

4. Healthcoco is exclusive owner of information posted on the site, by the users, and may use personal information including sensitive personal information for following purposes:

a) For providing, customizing, measuring, maintaining, developing, creating, improving, delivering, marketing and commercial offering of the services, products and programmes, content, search result and advertisement.

b) Aggregated personal information in non-personally identifiable form for business intelligence, statistical analysis, research for commercial purpose or otherwise for use of Healthcoco or transfer or sale to third party including affiliates.

c) Communicating and seeking feedback from the user for providing services, products and programmes.

d) Publishing on the site, however Sensitive personal information or data relating to user shall not be published.

e) Analysis of anonymized practice information including inventory and financial data for commercial use.

f) Analysis of software usage pattern and safe use of the site.

g) For communicating notification, change of Terms of Use, implementing policies in relation to the site.

h) Research and development of new products and technologies.

i) Providing required information to third parties for providing and improving the site and services to users. However such third parties shall not disclose it further.

j) Enable users to use, retain and share their information for themselves and also with other users and third parties.

5. Users are required to ensure that user’s contact information and other details as provided at the time of registration and later on are accurate, true, correct and up-to-date. In case of any change, user may make appropriate changes on user information page on the app or by contacting Healthcoco at

Healthcoco shall not be responsible for authenticity of personal information and other details published on site and services. Healthcoco shall make reasonable efforts to make requested changes. However if user provide or Healthcoco has got reasonable ground to suspect that information is or has become inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or out of date then at its sole discretion Healthcoco may discontinue the services to the user.

6. Information, content, messages delivered through the site and services are not controlled or endorsed by Healthcoco and we shall not be responsible or liable for any claim with regard to such services or any action taken by the user due to use of site and services. User agrees and waives any claim against Healthcoco resulting and relating to the use of site and services and despite ineffectiveness of such waiver user agrees to release Healthcoco from any claim relating to the same.

7. If user wishes to unsubscribe or opt out of promotional and marketing communication of Healthcoco, user may send such request at

8. If user wishes to cancel their account, user may send such request at Healthcoco shall retain the information relating to such user account for period as required under applicable laws. After stipulated period such data shall be retained and used in anonymized and aggregated manner for providing services effectively and for research and analysis. On cancellation of account Healthcoco shall stop providing the site and services to such user.

9. If user uses the site of Healthcoco and any payment is to be made by any mode, user may be required to share details like credit card no, bank account no. etc. to complete the payment process. Healthcoco may share such information with third parties on need to know basis, for effecting such payment. User’s payment related details are transacted over approved payment processing sites which use appropriate technology to secure such details. Healthcoco uses encryption and other security measures for safeguarding services provided on the site. As Internet services are not fully safe users are requested to exercise discretion.

10. Traffic data generated due to access and use of the site by the user is used in aggregate and anonymized form and shared with third parties not limited to strategic partners, advertisers, sponsors, investors and others for business purpose. However traffic data may be used to provide personalized location based information and services.

11. Healthcoco itself and through third parties uses pixel tags, web Analytics , Mobile device identifier and Cookies for collecting and storing demographic, personal and non personal data of users accessing and using the site with a view to help and improve the services to the users, and also for advertising, analytics and fraud prevention. The cookies however, do not store any personal information of the User.

12. User may avail certain services of the site without registration, however with a view to avail all the services user may register by opening an account. User need to provide personal details for registration process. On access and or registration it is assumed that user has consented that Healthcoco may use such information for providing promotional offers and providing personalized information to the user.

13. If user provides any personal information in relation to other person to Healthcoco, in such case user confirm that such other person is aware that user has provided their personal information to Healthcoco and they have consented processing of the information as per Healthcoco privacy policy.

14. Healthcoco does not sell, rent or otherwise give users email address to a third parties without users consent and follows “No Spam” policy.

15. In the course of using the site the user may, interact with other users including administrator and moderators and share personal information. Healthcoco shall not be liable or responsible for any misuse of such information.

16. Healthcoco does not collect information from public domain about visitors accessing the site. However information about listed healthcare providers is collected from public domain with a view to provide services on the site.

17. Healthcoco privacy policy is not applicable to third party links/sites and sites providing search results. User’s personal information may be collected by such sites in the course of user visiting or using such sites while availing services of the Healthcoco site. Collection and storage of personal and non personal information of user is governed by privacy policy of such sites. Healthcoco does not give warranty or guaranty of proper use of user related information by such sites. Users visit such sites at their own risk and are advised to read the privacy policy of such sites before use.

18. Healthcoco observe standard security policies for safeguarding user information to prevent unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure and accidental loss and unlawful destruction. However if there is any loss of data or theft of information due to unauthorized access to any device used by user for availing the Healthcoco site and services, in such case Healthcoco shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the user.

19. Healthcoco uses standard procedure for maintaining safety and integrity of hardware and software and other facilities for providing the site and services which includes, but is not limited to, encryption of data, regular change of password and production keys, hosting of data on private cloud, regular safety updates on the servers, need based access to production servers etc.

20. User agrees that Healthcoco may disclose any information provided by the user on the site if it is required under any law, legal process or request by any government authorities. Healthcoco may also disclose such information with a view to enforce Terms of Use (Including investigation of potential violation), protect rights, properties, safety and privacy of Healthcoco, other users, affiliates of Healthcoco and also for fraud prevention and detection and credit risk. Healthcoco may disclose such information if it believes that it is necessary under urgent conditions to protect personal safety of the user or public at large.

21.User agrees that Healthcoco may disclose personal information of user to third parties if it is required under terms of use and privacy policy and also for responding violation of third party rights. Disclosure of information may also be required for providing the site and services to the user where use of third party service is involved in providing the site and services. However Healthcoco shall not be liable for use of personal information by such third parties.

22. Healthcoco publishes the profile of healthcare providers on the site, based on information collected from public domain and or information provided by the Healthcare provider, such healthcare provider may be registered with Healthcoco or otherwise. The information is displayed on “AS IS” basis and Healthcoco takes reasonable steps to ensure correctness of such information. However it makes no representation or warranty with regard to completeness or accuracy of the information.

23. Healthcoco shall use personal information to communicate with the user by using voice/ video/email and other communication means. If user wish to change their contact details they may use accounts setting on the app or may contact

24. Healthcoco while conducting survey collects contact and demographic information where participation is optional, information collected is kept anonymous.

25. The information collected by Healthcoco from user may be used for providing, maintaining, improving the site and services including advertisement and marketing of the site and services to users and also for developing new services. The information may also be used for providing tailored content like advertisements and search result.

26. User alone shall be responsible for publication of any content uploaded by the user and displayed on the site and services.

27. Healthcoco may store and process third party identifier relating to social sites in order to obtain functionality and interoperability of such services.

28. Healthcoco may keep record of communication made among or between Healthcoco, user and other users while providing the site and services.

29. All the persons and entities who are employee of Healthcoco or in any way engaged in data processing and have access to sensitive personal information are under obligation to keep such data and or information confidential.

30. Healthcoco may transfer, merge or sale the assets of division or company to another entity. In such event such entity shall have right to use the information submitted by the user to Healthcoco, as per the Terms of Use.

31. Healthcoco may provide personal information to third parties in process of providing the site and services to the user. Healthcoco share the information with third parties and the collection, storage, use and sharing of such information by such third parties shall be as per their privacy policy.

32. Healthcoco may allow users to use third party services, in the process user may share information with such third party. Users hereby agree that Healthcoco shall have right to access, collect, use and retain such information from third party in accordance with this privacy policy.

33. Whenever the user is casual user or visitor to the site, Healthcoco does not collect personal information. However many of provisions of privacy policy are applicable to such visitors. The information about such visitors is collected in temporary cookies by Healthcoco. Users are advised to clear such cookies. If any casual visitor has provided any type of personal information is such case such user shall be subject to the privacy policy of Healthcoco.

34. Healthcoco site and services may display advertisement delivered by third parties. These third parties collect information about user and user activities on the site or their websites though cookies and other technologies with a view to understand user interest. Collection, use, storage and disclosure of information collected by such third parties is beyond Healthcoco control and not covered by this privacy policy.

35. Healthcoco shall not be liable for any loss or damages sustained by the user either due to disclosure of any information concerning the users account and/or verification process and particulars of such account whether such disclosure is inadvertent or otherwise or due to any inaccuracy, error or omission relating to disclosed information in pursuance of a legal process or otherwise.

Security & confidentiality of Information

1. Healthcoco retains the information of user in digital form on its and employees equipment and also maintains the information in non digital form whenever required. Healthcoco takes reasonable steps and precautions for maintaining security and confidentiality of the information and data and has adopted reasonable security practices and procedures. However Healthcoco cannot guarantee with regards unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, disclosure to information and data.

2. The user agrees that information and data may be transferred to and processed and stored by third parties for providing the site and services.

3. User need to protect its password and prevent unauthorized access to its equipments by use of such passwords. Healthcoco does not provide password information to its employee and administrators. In case of breach of security of user account or password, user alone shall be responsible and Healthcoco shall not be liable for any loss or damages and user hereby indemnifies Healthcoco against loss or damage suffered by Healthcoco due to such breach of security.

4. Healthcoco maintains user information with a view to assist users, healthcare provider and may provide access to such information to users, their healthcare provider and other authorities when access is requested.

5. Healthcoco provides access to user information to its employees and other entities and third parties on need to know basis and its employees are bound by confidentiality and non disclosure obligation. However Healthcoco shall not be responsible for use of such information by third parties and breach of security by third parties and also for all event beyond the control of Healthcoco including hacking, unauthorized access, crashing of net and other devices, breach or non availability of communication facility at the end of Healthcoco and or user and any action of government or its agencies.

Change of Privacy Policy

Healthcoco may at its sole discretion at any time without notice may modify, change, delete, update, make material changes relating to policy of use of personal information of user or change the privacy policy in totality. Healthcoco shall communicate such changes to users by publishing on the website, app or through email. Consequent to such changes if user wishes he may discontinue the use of the site and services and deactivate the account. User’s access or use of the site and services consequent to change shall amount to their consent to such changes. However Healthcoco reserve the right to retain information relating to discontinued account for complying with legal process, dispute resolution, enforcement of agreement, prevention of fraud and other purposes.

Privacy of Minors

Healthcoco permits use of the site and services by parents or guardians on behalf of minors, however if any minor inadvertently uses the site and services, Healthcoco shall respect their privacy. Healthcoco advises parents and guardians to use necessary parental control and technical tools to supervise use of the net and other devises by minors.

Consent to the Privacy policy

User agree that this privacy policy is part of terms of use for the use of site and services and by accessing and using the site and services user give their assent to this policy. User further agrees that the access and use of the site and service is subject to terms of use and this privacy policy.

Contact details for Communication

If user has got any suggestions, questions, query or grievance relating to collection, use or disclosure of information under this privacy policy they may contact at The issue shall be redressed within one month from the date of receipt. However when the matter requires detailed investigation and or response or information from other parties, such period may get extended beyond prescribed period and Healthcoco shall not be responsible for such delay. The Healthcoco shall also be not responsible for any delay, if such delay in beyond the control of Healthcoco.