COVID-19 Homecare

We bring you COVID homecare to help you recover at home. It is for suspected/asymptomatic/mild symptomatic COVID patients who have been advised to take homecare.

Ph: +91-8459802223

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What's included in homecare plan

One time Doctor Consultation

Home Isolation guide

Diet Consultation

Guidelines for caregivers

Essential homecare kit

Pulse Oximeter


Paper Gloves


Surface Disinfectant

3 ply masks

Disposable bags


Multi Vitamins

Vitamin D

Vitamin C

How does it works?

We have made the process simple and easy to follow.
Ph: +91-8459802223

We will call you to explain the plan
Payment link is sent to activate the consultation
Homecare kit is delivered if you wish to buy it
Guidelines and Nutrition plan is shared by experts
Caregivers are explained the guidelines
Followup consultations can be booked if necessary