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    Video/Chat consultation with top doctors
    Find/Book appointments with doctors in clinic
    Upload health records
    Healthcare reminders

    Below are the ways how online consultation works

    Book top doctors online for any health concern

    Cough & Cold?

    Period problems?

    Performance issue?

    Child not well?

    Skin problems?

    Depression or anxiety?

    Stomach issue?

    Having fever?

    Vaginal infections?

    Pulled muscle?

    Teething troubles?

    Pregnancy issue?

    Bone & joints issue?

    Top Specialities Near You

    General Physician

    ENT Specialist










    Video/Chat Consultation

    Instantly schedule a video/chat
    Pay and confirm your consult booking
    Download the app to begin video/chat consult
    Start online consultation with the doctor
    Get the doctor prescription
    Free follow-up consultation

    In Clinic Appointment

    Find Doctors. Call or Book online appointment. Get sms notifications of the appointments.

    Find best doctors based on


    Disease / Symptom

    Treatment/ Service


    Digital Health Records

    Now upload and store all your medical records securely on the Healthcoco App and have access to them on the go. No need to visit the lab as you get your Lab Reports directly.

    Maintain Digital Records

    Digital Prescription

    Store Records/Files

    Set Reminder

    Create reminders for crucial habits like water, food, workout etc while staying on the course towards a healthy you with Healthcoco Reminders.

    Track health parameters

    Drug/Prescription reminders

    One Step Closer to a Healthy Life.

    Online Video/Chat Consultation.
    Store Health Records Digitally.
    Book / Call Doctor Appointment.
    Healthcare Reminders.

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