Exam Diet Plan

Stay energized and focused, feel stress free, stay calm by preventing anxiety. Learn how and what to eat before exam with healthcoco's exam diet plan.

Nutrition Description

High Protein, Moderate Carbohydrates, Moderate Fat, High Fibre, High fluid

Recommended Food

Milk-based products, Fruits, Whole cereal

About the plan

Exam time is a headache for all students. During this time students become tensed and sometime due to extreme tiredness and tension their performance reduces. Exam diet is about food which can boost energy, memory and help to get free from exhausted lifestyle during exams or while studying. Get best meal memory boosing technique with our exam diet plan.


What's in the plan

Assessment Call

Personalized Diet Plan

continuous Support, Motivation & Followup

Modified Diet Plan after 15 days

Healthy Recipes

Voila! A healthier & Happier You


 What type of food should we eat during exams?

Protein rich and antioxidant rich.

 What foods help memory and concentration?

Almond, walnut, fruits, milk, curd

 What is the best vitamin for memory?