Immunity Booster Plan

Strengthen immune system and prevent diseases by immunity booster diet plan. Reduce your risk of getting sick, cold and flu by eating an immune-boosting diet.

Nutrition Description

High Protein, High Carbohydrates, Moderate Fat, Moderate Fibre

Recommended Food

Fruits & Vegetables, Egg white, Fish, Nuts

About the plan

Immunity booster diet is special kind of diet which boosts up our immunity system, that means increase the capacity of body to protect from cold flu. It is required for those who are prone to develop diseases, allergy oriented problems and also to those like infants, adolescents as well as geriatric clients. With immunity booster diet plan strengthen and improve your immune system by proper immune boosting diet consist of immune vitamins.


What's in the plan

Assessment Call

Personalized Diet Plan

continuous Support, Motivation & Followup

Modified Diet Plan after 15 days

Healthy Recipes

Voila! A healthier & Happier You


 How to boost immune system naturally?

Have colourful fruits and vegetables daily.

 What are signs of a weak immune system?

Brittle nail , pale eye, easily tiredness, all time weakness etc

 How do you check your immune system?

If you feel fit and pathological tests at interval of 6 months.

 How can I keep my immune system strong in the winter?

Have millets , warm milk with organic turmeric , seasonal vegetables, honey and ginger or lemongrass in organic tea etc.