Keep your hormones under control and prevent water weight by offering a low sodium diet.

Nutrition Description

Moderate Protein, Moderate Carbohydrates, Low Fat, High Fibre.

Recommended Food

Whole cereal, Fresh fruits & Vegetables.

About the plan

PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome causes hormonal imbalance of body women skip their periods , the male hormone secretion become more than that of female hormone which results in hair growth in unwanted place like facial hair growth , mood changes etc . Diet will help you naturally to balance your hormone and proper counseling regarding lifestyle will guide you to lead a positive life.


What's in the plan

Assessment Call

Personalized Diet Plan

continuous Support, Motivation & Followup

Modified Diet Plan after 15 days

Healthy Recipes

Voila! A healthier & Happier You


 Is PCOS a lifelong disease?

No it can be cured .

 Why should I go gluten-free and reduce dairy?

Gluten interfere absorption of other nutrients and dairy product has some relation with PCOS .

 Can weight loss cure PCOS?

Yes but it is one step to cure PCOS.

 What is the fastest way to cure PCOS?

Low sodium diet , fat diet and positive lifestyle help to cure PCOS .