Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

Diet to get those curves back. Extra weight you gain during your pregnancy can be reduced easily. Learn what foods can help you to get back to your prenatal weight.

Nutrition Description

Moderate Protein, Moderate Carbohydrates, Low Fat, High Fibre.

Recommended Food

Leafy Vegetables, Whole Fruit, Whole Cereal, Curd from toned milk etc.

About the plan

During pregnancy the weight gain is maximum but it is healthy because whatever you eat it goes directly to your baby’s stomach. You should nourish your baby through a healthy way and of course your health too. But after delivery your stretch mark, extra fat causes problem like tension, depression and women are commonly wants to get back previous figure. Healthcoco team will guide you in rapid weight loss with proper tips of dietary intake, exercise and post pregnancy recipe diet. Now easily loose weight after pregnancy with healthcoco's post pregnancy diet plan.


What's in the plan

Assessment Call

Personalized Diet Plan

continuous Support, Motivation & Followup

Modified Diet Plan after 15 days

Healthy Recipes

Voila! A healthier & Happier You


 Is it possible to get back normal size ?

Yes but proper diet and exercise .

 Lactating is continued , in this case is it possible to reduce weight without disturbing milk production ?

Yes in this case milk producing agents should be included in diet . Proper exercise should be followed with exercise.

 Fasting can not be done , so is there any fasting ?

No , short snacks in proper interval and meal at correct time is followed.

 Feel hungry sometime, so what to do with that problem ?

Have fruits or dalma without ghee , but no caffeine.