Weight Loss Diet Plan

Get ready to loose weight fast with healthcoco's weight loss diet plan. Make you lose weight quickly, without hunger and improve your metabolic health at the same time.

Nutrition Description

Moderate Protein, Moderate Carbohydrates, Low Fat, High Fibre.

Recommended Food

Whole cereal, Fresh fruits, Leafy vegetables, Low-fat milk, Lean meat, Pond fish etc.

About the plan

Get in shape & loose weight quickly with proper weight loss diet plan by healthcoco. This weight loss programme includes fat loss in healthy way & also improves your metabolic rate. Get instant weight loss result with proper food plan & weight loss exercise tips. Also get weight loss tasty recipes. Our experts also provide online diet plan along with exercise & recipe tips.

Weight Loss Diet Recipes

What's in the plan

Assessment Call

Personalized Diet Plan

continuous Support, Motivation & Followup

Modified Diet Plan after 15 days

Healthy Recipes

Voila! A healthier & Happier You


 How many kilos one can lose in a month ?

With Healthcoco's weight loss diet plan one can loose 3 to 6 kg weight / month but it depends on intensity of physical activity, pathological parameters and all.

 Following diet properly but not reducing weight ?

Sometime vitamin D deficiency and hormonal imbalance and improper lifestyle like late night study etc causes weight gain. But don't worry, Healthcoco's nutrition & diet experts will help you to achieve weight loss easily.

 What about low carb diet, due to low carb diet usually feel low energy ?

No, 55% to 60 % calorie should come from carb if you are maintaining normal weight reducing diet. But the choice of carb should be different like oats instead of having paratha with oil, multigrain atta roti instead of having rice, broccoli instead of having potato curry.

 What about the taste of food ?

It should be on basis of your food habit, diet should be completely customised according to you, we are not here to provide diet food it is all about healthy food .